Is travelling for you?

So you think you want to travel?

It’s something everybody talks about at some point, gap year in Australia after university, winter season in the Alps before getting a ‘real job’ or a summer season in Zante before college. It’s a topic of conversation that many people rave about…but how many people really go through with it?

Talking about travelling is easy, exploring all the opportunities of the countries you can visit and the jobs you can have. The experiences are the most important by far though, snorkelling in the great barrier reef, bungee jumping in New Zealand or chasing the snow in Canada. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time, but we all feel the pang of jealousy when we see our friends disappear off for another adventure whilst we set our alarm clock for 7am for work on the regular daily grind.

So how do you finally let go of your daily routine, quit work, say your goodbyes and leave on the adventure of a life time?

First of all you need some financial support behind you, let’s face it without some pennies in your bank you’re not going very far. Start a saving account for your travels, if you fully commit it won’t be long until you will have scrapped together enough for a work visa, flight and accommodation for a few months to get you started.

Whilst saving your money, start looking at destinations and jobs so you have an aim. See what kinds of destinations tickle your fancy, are you a beach bum? Maybe give Australia a go! Do you love drinking? A summer season in Magaluf may be right up your street. Or if you’re just like me and love the snow then the French Alps or Canada is surely calling you!

And the stressful part…Work visas! It’s so incredibly important to find out which countries you will need work visas for if you plan to work to fund further travels whilst you’re away. It is your responsibility to find these things out; you can’t turn up in New Zealand with £50 in your bank, no work visa and expect to get through immigration. They will want to know how you’re funding your trip and where you’re going to get money from as working illegally will get you thrown out the country with multiple years ban. And let’s be honest….nobody wants that!

Saying goodbye….Possibly the worst part of planning a trip! Some people may find this easy, but if you’re a part of a big family with a large group of friends, it’s difficult to leave it all behind. But just remember it’s only a ‘see you later!’ You will see all of them again and some will even come to visit and thanks to the likes of Facebook and Skype, you can stay fully connected.

So pack your bags and get your passport and explore the world!





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