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Bucket List – Bungee Jumping

I have to admit this was something I never really planned on doing. Quite frankly being at height makes me feel quite sick and although I try not to let it stop me, bungee jumping really isn’t for the faint hearted and not something I thought I could ever push myself to do.


It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had though.

Whilst on a winter season in Canada 2011 I joined a group of around 15 of my friends who thought it would be a great way to end the season by throwing ourselves off a bridge. I tried not to think about what I was going to do but it fully dawned on me when I stood on a metal bridge above a creek attached to a bit of rope and I had to throw myself off.


The countdown from 5 seconds begun but I couldn’t wait, I think I jumped around 3 and all I remember from there is kicking and screaming my whole way down!


I must admit the worst part of the whole experience was having the courage to step over the edge as it’s a 160ft (50 meters) drop over the glacial fed Cheakamus River.

Would I recommend it? YES!                                                                                                                                                                Would I ever do it again?                                                                                                                     Debatable….




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