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Bucket list – Indoor Skydiving

I’ve always been quite fascinated with sky diving however the thought of doing it for real fills me with dread. The thought of jumping out of a plane at height is obviously a very unnatural feeling as one would think that even a door being open on a plane would be very dangerous, let alone throwing yourself out of said open door.

However, indoor skydiving disperses any of my concerns I could possibly have with sky diving due to the fact you walk into a wind tunnel rather than jump out of a plane.

I have been lucky enough to experience indoor sky diving on two occasions, one was so long ago that I can’t even pin point the year however the most recent time was only 2 years ago. We were out in Florida for my Dad’s birthday and thought it would be a great birthday present since it was his 50th.


The feeling you get whilst floating around is surreal.

Depending on what you pay for, we had one minute in the tunnel which doesn’t sound long and realistically, it’s not. You go in two rounds of 30 seconds and the first attempt is mostly trying to replicate the body position you learnt in the safety brief. Without doing it properly you really do end up flopping around like a fish and not having much fun.


The second part of the minute is spent being spun around up and down by the instructor who holds the handles on your flight suit. To be honest, this is the best part of the experience.

The sky dive centre itself was great as were the staff and I’d highly recommend this experience!


What if I fail? But darling what if you fly?




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