Two Secret Treasures Of Rome


Everyone knows that visiting Rome is all about the Colosseum, the Vatican City, the pantheon, the roman forums and the Trevi fountain.

But once you have experienced all the main attractions that brought you to Rome in the first place, what else is there to be seen?

There is so much more than just the most popular sights to see and these two are ones not to be missed.

Mamertine Prison

This is found right by the Roman Forum and is slightly hidden up a stairway. Walking through the door of this prison feels somewhat unexciting, a woman sitting behind a desk and it feels very touristy. A small entrance fee and a brief bit of history and she slid the door back to a stair set heading down.

Without knowing much history to this prison it will definitely feel underwhelming, there are no information boards so it’s best to bring a guide book.

This prison is where St. Peter and St. Paul were imprisoned before being crucified.


Access to the lower room in the Prison where the prisoners were kept was a hole in the floor where guards either threw or lowered them down. Nowadays the hole is covered in a metal grid, whilst relatively modern stairs are next to it so you are able to access the lower ground. Typically once prisoners went down the hole; it was rare for them to come back out.


Baths of Caracalla



The baths of Caracalla were the second largest Roman public baths during the reigns of Septimius Severus and Caracalla.


The majority of the baths still stand today and it’s quite easy to imagine what they would have looked like in their prime. Many of the mosaics are still there to be seen and some are in very good condition.


It is a magnificent structure and is definitely not to be missed.


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