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Bucket List – The Louvre Museum, Paris

In all honesty, Museums aren’t normally top of my list to visit whilst on holiday. Although I can appreciate art, I find myself not really understanding too much whilst in the Museum.

Whilst in Paris in the summer we decided to head there anyway as it was on our list of must do’s.


The entrance fee for the Louvre Museum ended up being free because we are between the ages 18-25 and from the EU which was great for us so we decided to spend the money on an audio guide tour instead which was held on a Nintendo 3DS XL which was honestly the most amazing thing to use.

You could do a walking tour with this device or you could choose the most popular items to go and look at it would guide you there through an interactive map. Once at your destination it would then give up to 5 minutes of information.

We didn’t want to spend more than a few hours in the Museum so we went to see all of the main items and using the Nintendo DS really was the most efficient way to do so.

The first painting we went to see was obviously the Mona Lisa, unfortunately due to how hyped up it is to go and see the painting you could barely get within 5 metres of it.



We also went to see Saint Mary Magdalene which is a nude figure representing her as a mystic ascetic. The Statue was purchased by the Louvre in 1902 from a German Art Market.



Another item we went to see was the Dagger with a horse head pommel from the 17th century. It is made from Jade with carved decoration and inlaid with gold and semi-precious stones.


The Louvre Museum is a definitely must see, you really could spend days walking through the magnificent halls.

Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences…




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