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Go Below, Underground Adventures – Wales

I found this experience online and was immediately interested. It is in north Wales, situated near Snowdonia.

Go Below is a Slate mine in which they have set up zip lines, bridges, abseiling, traverses and even a section you have to paddle over in a boat.

I booked onto the Go Below Challenge course which is the easiest of the three you can choose from and lasts for roughly 5 hours including a 20-30 minute walk to the entrance of the mine.

We arrived at the reception where we were kitted with wellies and a harness and then headed off in a mini bus to the start of the walk to the mine. The 20-30 minute walk consisted of steep climbs up hill on slate which was slippery in places.


Once up the hill, we headed into a scenic wood with a track to follow, it seemed like we would never find the entrance as it just looked like a normal wood.



Then before we knew it, we saw a little stream and a gated entrance in which we had to crouch down to get through.


Once inside the only light was from our head torches and we had to walk through ankle deep water until reaching the first activity, a boat ride across an underground lake which had been formed because the floor had caved through.


The next couple of hours were filled with fun zip lines and traverses and climbing up little water falls!

The last activity of the day involved a climb around the edge attached by a rope which was really difficult in Wellies, and then an abseil down onto the mine floor ready for the walk out.



The views on the way back were incredible and I couldn’t stop taking photos!







Somewhere…Something incredible Is waiting to be found…



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