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Bucket List – Learn to Sew

Sewing is something that has honestly always peaked my interest, I’ve always wondered if I could make such things as cushions and make up pouches because I don’t always like the design or the prices in the shops.

About 6 months ago I decided to take the plunge and invest in a sewing machine and all the essentials such as pins, thread and fabric scissors. It isn’t too much of a costly venture but it did set me back around £150 for all the essentials and a bucket load of fabric and zips to get me started.

It surprised me the amount of different kinds of fabric you can get and it started getting really exciting to search for a certain character or floral print.

Once I got my sewing machine up and running, it only took a couple of hours on YouTube and how to blogs to get going with the sewing part and I decided to start off with a simple zip pouch.



Once I had mastered the make-up pouch I decided to tackle a pencil case, which at first was a little bit on the tricky side. Making a pencil case required you to be more precise with measurements and sewing in an exact straight line. Also if the fabric followed a specific pattern that didn’t work when it was upside down it made the job even more difficult because you have to go about it a slightly different way.


Currently I am making as many things as I can with the fabric that I have to see whether I can make some money from selling them at craft fairs and online stores like Etsy. If this ends up not working then I plan to just make items for myself and for presents.


The next item I would like to sew would be a cushion, I didn’t want to tackle this before now because due to the size of the cushion, if I was to make an irreparable mistake then I would end up having to waste a fair amount of fabric.

Sew much fabric…Sew little time…



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