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5 reasons to visit Whipsnade Zoo

1 – The penguin enclosure.

The Penguin enclosure has got to be the most amazing one I have seen in an outdoor UK zoo, the views from the pools are incredible and they have a lot of room to move and swim around. The Water is crystal clear so they obviously keep on top of the cleaning and there are plenty of information boards around to tell you all about the various species of penguins.



2 – The enclosures for the animals are enormous.

All of the animal enclosures are huge; they are much bigger than at a regular zoo. I would associate them more with the size they would have in a safari park, with an indoor house for them as well as a large field. It does take a long time to walk around each paddock but it sure is worth it to see the animal having so much space. The elephant enclosure is currently under construction to give them an incredible amount of space even though their existing one was already very large.



3 – The butterfly house

This is definitely the best butterfly house I have been to in the UK; it is much bigger and has such an incredible amount of butterflies in comparison to others I have visited. There are plenty of staff around to give you information and info boards for a quick read up.


4 – You can now sleep right next to the Rhinos!

This is something I only found out whilst visiting and would potentially be something I would love to do (it’s rather expensive!) The accommodation is called the Lookout lodge and reminds me of ‘glamping’ and is situated right near the Rhinos. The cost of the night also includes a lot of extras such as two free days at the Zoo, Tours, two course dinner and breakfast amongst other things.


5 – So much to do for Kids

We visited without kids however I noticed a large area of the zoo dedicated to the entertainment of children. The outdoor play area is something of a child’s dream as well as an indoor soft play area. There is also an interactive meet and greet farm area. The zoo is very large and for this reason they also allow children to take scooters in to travel around on.


This zoo is ultimately my favourite so far in the UK although I still have London Zoo to visit which I hope to do this year.


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