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Reasons why I love bouldering

My first thoughts on the whole climbing and bouldering sport was not one of love nor interest but that quickly changed after just one hour. I booked a ‘fun taster session’ for a present for my boyfriend and never really gave it much thought as to whether I would like it; I just thought it would be a fun thing to do. Arriving there for the first time though, I looked up at how high the walls went and I instantly felt sick. It really dawned on me that I hated heights and I had no idea what I was doing there!

The first climb up a wall I barely got off the ground before I felt like giving up and giving up is exactly what I did roughly two metres off the floor and I felt awful. I gave it a few more attempts before the end of the session and by the last one I finally made it to the top and although I hated it, I secretly absolutely loved the feeling of accomplishment it gave me.

Straight away we booked onto the lessons in which you learnt to belay and climb on your own without an instructor and we were well away.

Although I still love climbing, it led to bouldering which I fell in love with even more.

Bouldering, especially indoors is not very high and it boosts my confidence so much I have managed to achieve things that I never thought I would climbing. And the skills are transferable so as my bouldering has gotten better, I have noticed a significant improvement when I do climb on the ropes.


The things I love most about bouldering are not only the sociable aspect of it but that you can keep trying the same route for as long as you want without somebody having to stand around holding the rope. In that way it can be a very solo sport at the same time.

I love the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a route that I have found difficult and challenging, especially if I have been working on it for some time. Some routes take days or weeks to complete and sometimes it does come down to working out the right way rather than trying to use strength to bolster through.


When working through a route all I can think of is right now and not a single other thought enters my mind when I’m focused and it is that that I truly enjoy.

For such a strength and mindful sport, I really do manage to switch my brain off when climbing.

I just feel at peace…


5 thoughts on “Reasons why I love bouldering

  1. I’ve been climbing for almost three years now, and I still find myself afraid most of the time. I’m also afraid of bouldering after a few bad falls (every climbing injury but one has come from bouldering for me) but it’s such a good way to learn confidence for making powerful moves in sequence and has helped so much in sending my 2-year outdoor project last weekend. Keep Cranking!


    1. Thanks for the comment! I’ve been climbing around a year and still find myself scared 99% of the time. Yet to take it outside so luckily injuries havn’t exsisted for me yet but I’m sure I have it too look foreward too…keep climbing! X

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