Please Vote in the EU referendum!

This is totally off topic to the posts I would usually write about but an important one I felt the need to write about.

The outcome of this vote may severely effect your life in one way or another and in ways that none of us even know yet because nothing is a certainty. Whether you are choosing to remain in the EU or Leave is no one business and therefore I will not share my opinion on that but what I do beg you to do, is to VOTE!

No matter what your doing today, get down to the polling station and declare your opinion. You cannot change the way the country is run or whether we stay in the EU if you don’t vote. It may not seem very important to you, or you have better things to do or better places to be….like Glastonbury but somehow just get your vote in.

This decision is very important to some people and your lack of vote could really make the difference.

So please, if you only do one thing today….please vote. 


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