Hair and Makeup

Simple Side Braid

This is my ‘go to’ hair style for hair that is one day old or for when i’m going to do activities such as swimming or going to the beach. It is a great style for a side part and it keeps hair where it should if like me, your hair wants to part in the middle.

This hairstyle literally takes me less than 3 minutes so it is super quick and very easy! It also only needs one small elastic to create the style.

First I brushed my hair and applied the much needed dry shampoo.


I then sectioned off the amount of hair that I would like to put into the braid, you can keep a small section out to frame the face but i prefer to keep it all back for this style.


Then taking small sections I braid my hair down to just past half way and secure the braid with a small elastic.


You have then add whatever you would like to the style such as a bow or feathers!


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