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Tour of the Eiffel Tower

In July last year we took a trip to Paris which was absolutely beautiful, however one thing laid heavy on our minds…Queuing!


Most of the tourist attractions in Paris are so popular that the queues can be anything up to 3 hours long and with a limited amount of time in the city this really worried me. I scoured the internet for cheap, line skipping tickets so as to make the most of our time. This is when i found the website www.attractiontickets.com 


The ticket allowed a skip the line and tour of the Eiffel tower for a decent charge. I believe we only paid around £40-£45 but the ticket prices have now gone up to £50 each. Which believe me, for the Queue we missed, it is still 100% worth it.


The tour started in a small shop a couple of streets away and was led by an English tour guide who was very knowledgeable and lovely to chat with. She took us through a brief history before making our way up the Eiffel tower.


Unfortunately due to cold winds and the tower being very hectic this is where the tour became more of a struggle.

Even though the tour and information given was great, the amount of time we spent in the cold and being pushed by other tourists started to grind on me a little bit and by the time we reached the very top we spent just a mere few minutes up there before being more than done and heading down.

So there we have it, i encourage you to take part in a tour and I can personally recommend this one however be prepared clothing wise for the weather and patience wise for the flood of other tourists ready to push you out the way.


Maybe an evening sunset tour may be better suited for a quieter time!



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