I’m English and I complain!

It’s a well known fact that the English folk are known for being too polite, for not showing their true feelings when annoyed by others in public and for NEVER complaining.

For a long time I have definitely been one of these people, receiving crappy food in a restaurant and telling the waiter its totally fine and having a rubbish experience somewhere but not saying a word.

But in the last 6 months I have tried something slightly different….I have tried complaining when I am not happy about something and it really pays off!

A few months ago I went to a well known restaurant in a well known area and received the worst service and food I have possibly experienced in my adult life. I left the restaurant annoyed and quite frankly upset that I had wasted my money…So i emailed them. I was polite, realistic and correct in what I complained about and fortunately I received an email back fully sympathising with me and apologetic saying he would send out a gift card for my troubles. I ended up with £40 on a gift card! (more than I’d spent on my visit).

Not long after this I ordered a book from a well known book store and when it came it was quite damaged on multiple pages and the front cover. I couldn’t send the book back due to it being a birthday present that I was quite late in buying so I emailed the company to express my disappointment that I had to gift a damaged present. The company emailed me back and refunded half of my purchase back. Another success.

My most recent complaint was only last week, I had visited the cinema to see a film and noticed a group of young lads talking throughout the trailers, as annoying as this was I hoped they would settle down…Half hour into the film they still hadn’t and my blood was boiling. I stormed to the nearest worker and complained about them and he carried on to tell them if they didn’t shut up then they would be asked to leave. This seemed to work for most of the film but just 20 minutes from the end of the film they started up again, as angry as I was I refused to leave the film AGAIN to moan about people so i stuck it out till the end. After leaving I notified the same member of staff that they did not stop and for my troubles I received free return tickets.


Don’t just do it to try and get free things either, free things may be the bonus but these companies need to know where they are failing. Each company fully understood my complaint and said they would chase my complaints to make sure another customer didn’t have the same experience.

So there we go, as much as we may find it rude to complain, I assure you, you are not the rude one. Speak up and you will be heard!


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