I’m really quite disappointed…Harry Potter and the cursed child

I didn’t think I would ever put disappointed and Harry Potter in the same sentence but after reading the latest book (script) I really am. I have been such a massive Harry Potter fan, re-read all the books, re-watched all the films, been to the tour in London, to Universal in Florida and brought multiple merchandise.

I realised before buying the book that this was a script of the theatre play in London currently and I did understand it would be different to what J.K Rowling has released beforehand. I also understood that this wasn’t really a Harry Potter book but more based on his children. But it only took me a few pages to realise even with being prepared for these things that I was still going to be disappointed.

Obviously it reads like a script so it as actually quite hard to follow and the story is very jumpy. Within just a page or two you can be moved so quickly along in the story your not even sure of whats going on. You don’t get to know and understand the characters and some things are brought up and then forgotten about. Sometimes it starts to flow very well (almost like a novel) then all of a sudden you read stage directions and your brought very quickly out of the vision you had on the scene.

The most disappointing part of this is that it should never have been released as a script in my opinion without a book version first, J.K Rowling would have been much better off writing a book version of it even if it meant releasing it at a much later date. The story line within the script is amazing, and so much could have been done with it, but so much was left out due to it being a script and the story moved so incredibly fast that it had little impact. Normally I find it hard to put down a Harry Potter book, quite frankly I struggled to even pick this up. It said the read time was roughly 7 hours, I had it finished in less than 3.

I would have preferred not to even read this script as it’s left a bit of a sour taste about Harry Potter now and I am defiantly not the only person to feel this way. You only have to read the reviews on Amazon or such to hear very similar views.

Please read and form an opinion for yourself but I surely do hope she releases this as the well written book that we all know she is capable of. And although I am totally punching in the dark on this one, I really hope it gets released as a film….


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