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5Km Walk in Sutton Coldfield Park

I live just 10 miles away from this lovely place yet it has only been in the last 3 years that I have been utilising its amazing space.


Sutton Coldfield Park covers an area of over 2000 acres and is a landscape full of woodlands, wetlands, marshes and seven lakes. The park is also a natural area where animals roam freely, you will see wild cows and wild ponies quite often throughout the park and there is also a donkey sanctuary.

I run here regularly around one of it’s lakes and come here for multiple walks at the weekend or on a sunny evening. It is a great escape for a few hours and you feel like your no where near the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Saturday morning was beautiful and with nothing else to do with my morning I headed out for a long walk through the park.




One thought on “5Km Walk in Sutton Coldfield Park

  1. It looks so peaceful. Going into the nature/ a park is also my way of getting away and leaving my daily life for a few minutes or hours. There is just something about it that leaves you more relaxed and like you can face your problems with a clearer mind. Lovely photos.

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