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Benefit Moisturiser & Eye Cream

My very honest review on Benefit Moisturiser and eye cream follows so be warned I am no professional and most the time I have no idea what I’m doing but my reviews will be thoroughly honest and truthful 🙂

I have been using the Total Moisture Facial cream by Benefit for around 18 months and I am more than hooked. It comes in a little pricey at £28 but the amount you get for the price is very much worth it. This size pot tends to last me 6 months and you only need a small amount daily. I prefer to spend a lot of money on this that £4 here and there on multiple different ones trying to find anything that can match it.

It is the first moisturiser I’ve used where I have been fully happy, it does exactly what it is meant to and doesn’t leave me with dry nor oily skin. I also like the fact that it smells quite nice and isn’t too perfumed.

The It’s Potent Eye Cream by Benefit though is a bit of a different story…Does eye cream really work and what on earth is it meant to do if it does? I defiantly ask myself this question whilst using this product. I had a travel sized pot and then was gifted the regular size pot in a gift set and I have used this product religiously for 18 months if not more. The product smells great, applies great, a little goes a long way….but what on earth does it do? In 18 months of using this product every single morning and most nights I can report, I still have massive bags under my eyes, they are still a horrible tone of dark brown-red and I am still putting lashings of concealer on my eyes to cover up the reality that I will forever look tired.

The description of the product says it will fade dark circles, smooth fine lines for a bright young eyed look. I’m not sure I have benefited from any of these perks, luckily my eyes are still quite young so I’m hoping I’ve achieved this look all on my own. Will I buy this product again? For £25, I’m really not sure I would, yes it goes a heck of a long way, this pot has lasted a year and I’m sure I’ve still got another year to go with it but I’m just not sure it does anything for me.

Hope this helps someone on their search for the perfect product (do they even exsist?) If you have any advice on what eye cream to try next then I am all ears! 🙂



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