How to make a little extra money

Lets be honest now…everybody’s house is full of unneeded junk that spills out of our draws and that is hidden in boxes in garages. You must be able to admit that you don’t even know what’s filling half your garage as you haven’t even been able to go through to boxes for years since there are just so many of them!

It’s definitely time for a good sort out…but don’t start throwing things away…one man’s trash is another man’s gold as they always say. Sort out your items into things of value such as phones, branded clothes, kids toys in good condition and other such items. These items will most likely be sold on Ebay for a good price.

Then comes your lower value items, that old vest top and denim skirt from 10 years ago with a brand name not even you can remember. They are never going to be sold on Ebay so the next best place for them is a car boot!

Doing a car boot will take up most of your day, you will be up early and you will have a bag full of heavy change and be prepared to haggle and stand in the cold but counting your cash at the end of the day will seem worth it. Plus hopefully you come back with a lot less stuff and a clearer home!

Stay around for a post on the best tips on making the most money at a car boot and how to make it as easy as possible!


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