Successful car-booting advice

1 – Sort all of your stuff that you wish to sell at a car boot and arrange them into boxes and bags by putting clothes together, toys together and random items together. This makes it much easier when unloading the bags at the car boot. Even put the clothes on hangers ready to hang up straight away.

2 – Get your hands on a table, a tarp and a clothes rail. You’ll want a table to display things such as ornaments, jewellery etc, most people just use a pasting or camping table. You’ll want the tarp for the floor to throw things such as shoes, bags and outdoor items on (you can find a 1mX2M one in pound-land) And you will want the rail to hang up your nicer items of clothing, it wont get messy and people will easily be able to look through your items.Take a ton of change, i took around £30!

3 – Find a car boot to go too. You’ll want one with good reviews, around the midlands area Eboot is the most well known. It’ll cost £8 in a car.

4- Prep your car the night before because you will be up super early in the morning, some start later on but I recommend getting there as early as possible. If it says it opens at 7am, get there for 6:30am (you’ll find the field will already be full no matter how early you go).

5 – The second you park your car, YOU WILL BE MOBBED. Quite frankly its scary and horrible and reminded me of zombie movies when people are looking through your windows as you are cowering inside. I advise staying in your car until they walk off (may take a while) or get out your car, make sure it is locked and secured and walk away! This will get them to leave and go to the next victim…I mean car. Basically these people are after phones, sky boxes and Lego so if you have that kind of stuff then great, easy early sale, if not…just walk away.

6 – Empty your car one bag at a time and make sure its locked in between bags. Some people do not understand that it is rude and unacceptable to go through your cars, they will be in them straight away. They will also look through you bags when your trying to unpack them and make your life difficult. Have eyes in the back of your head because people will try to steal. Be very aware of whats going on!

7- Now it’s time to haggle and sell! Some people are super nice and will pay whatever you tell them the price is (obviously don’t go overboard, it is a car boot after all) however, others will be super rude. You can tell them a designer handbag is 50p and they will be rude about the fact you won’t sell it for 20p, don’t take offence, these people are really trying to get something for nothing so don’t give in to them!

8 – By the end of the day sell everything for cheap as chips, the less you bring home the better!


Hope this helps someone! I was really nervous doing my first one as I had heard such mixed reviews on how mean people can be and how things get stolen. Take the experience at face value and even bring a friend for moral support. No matter what happens you’ll leave richer than you arrived. I managed £90 on my first one!



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