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Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray

I have two bottles of the Toni&Guy Sea Salt spray which came in gift sets as presents and quite frankly at first I hated the stuff. I just didn’t understand how to use it, I’m quite the fan of messy, un-kept hair, most mornings my hair doesn’t even see a hair brush but I just wasn’t sure what to do with this product.

I stuffed them to the back of a cupboard and then when Summer came back around I decided to dig them back out and give them another go. I tend to wash my hair, apply some smoothing cream, scrunch my hair up with my hands and then spray a ton of this stuff in. I then scrunch my hair up some more and leave it to dry naturally sometimes spraying more in once my hair has dried out a little bit more.


The look it leaves is a messy beach wave look and the hair isn’t left with a crispy feel either like a moose may leave. I don’t tend to brush my hair at all after use as I don’t want to lose the effect either.¬†Sometimes I even half blast dry my hair and then spray some into the ends and scrunch them up a bit, it just leaves it with a bit less of a ‘done’ look.

My final decision on this product is actually that I really like it, it works the way I want it too now that I’ve figured out a way to use it. Will i re-buy? I’m not sure actually, I do have another bottle left to use before deciding, it’s not that I don’t like the product, I’m just curious as to other sea salt sprays that are out there. I use to own one so so long ago that had the most beautiful Hawaiian smell and I might try to find a similar one as the Toni&Guy one doesn’t really have a beautiful distinct smell.


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