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Disneyland Paris RUN!

On September 24th I will be going to Disneyland Paris to take part in the 5KM run! The second I saw this advertised I knew that I wanted to go. I waited online all day for the entries to be released and booked on straight away. It wasn’t very pricey but also didn’t come with anything like entry to the parks for the day, so even though the run itself has only cost £22 I have had to add all the extras such as hotel, flights, park tickets and FOOD!

Check out this link for more information – http://run.disneylandparis.com/

We will be arriving early Friday morning for a day in the parks and then the run is very early morning on the Saturday! I believe it starts at 7am so I am going to start doing some early morning run training as I am not fit enough for this quite frankly. I’m much more comfortable running two miles with 8 hours in bed afterwards however this will be 3 miles with a day of fun theme parking afterwards! oh dear….

Keep posted as I will be writing all about it soon enough! I’m hopefully going to film it too so watch out for that too 🙂



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