The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter

On Friday Morning we packed up our camping stuff and headed to the service station to meet friends to head off for a weekend camping in Northampton for a car show. We attended the same show last year as well and it’s a great weekend away.


Friday’s weather was great and after setting the tent up we pitched up the chairs and started to chill out. We even went all out and had a pork bap for dinner filled with stuffing, gravy and apple sauce mmmmmm! It was a great evening for a fire too!


Saturday morning started out great.


But by 11am it turned into a typical English day and the heavens opened literally for the rest of the day! My day mostly looked like this….


And this…


I’m not sure what else shouts English more than shorts, sunnies and an umbrella! Luckily there was a gazebo to sit under so we had some shelter from the rain.


Sunday’s weather was a lot better (well it didn’t rain) so we chilled around the field, ate some breakfast at Sainsburys and had a mooch around the show cars before heading off around 1pm.

On Monday it was a sharp quick snap back to reality by going back to work, but wanting to dust off the cobwebs and work off the sausages and pancakes that were consumed at the weekend, we decided to go for a run around the park! I made 3.12 miles without stopping and even ended the run with a hill sprint (or stumble, i’m not sure). This is by far my best run and I even did it on a full belly of roast dinner.

Tuesdays are always pretty standard, Kris ski’s and I sit in the car watching youtube and Netflix, bit of a win win really! Selfie Tuesday!


On Wednesday’s I have started attending a class which is named Piyo, quite frankly I’ve not really worked out why they decided to have it as a mix of Yoga and Pilates (because it’s nothing like it) but I attend, I sweat and I leave, so all is good really.

Catch up with me next week to see what we got up too! I’m going to try and make this a Wednesday thing, will I stick with it? Who knows really but I’ll give it a shot!



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