Nottingham City Beach

I recently visited Nottingham City with my best friend for a little day trip and with nothing planned we began exploring. After a little while walking around and shopping in Primark we stumbled upon a mini fair ground and beach in the middle of the city.

It was so cute! The beach had deck chairs and a little paddling pool for kids and luckily the weather was lovely so it was getting used fully.


Also in the area were a few little shops selling buckets and spades and some food outlets. They had a fish and chip takeaway, Caribbean food takeaway a licensed bar and an ice cream stall!

We quickly walked through and headed out towards Las Iguanas for lunch first which was so nice! I had chicken Enchiladas and a passion fruit and orange cooler to drink which was amazing! You must try this drink if you go.


After lunch we headed back to the beach for some ice cream!



2 thoughts on “Nottingham City Beach

  1. Ahh, welcome to Nottingham! That’s where I’m from/currently live! The beach is so much fun and returns every year, but we also have a similar thing at Christmas in the same place, but a Winter Wonderland instead! They do Hot Vimto drinks!

    Kayleigh x


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