The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter

Last Wednesday I attended Piyo again, finally the teacher was back from holiday so it was a proper class and I have really started to enjoy it. At first I was a little dubious about it but it turns out that the better I am getting at the class, the more I enjoy it. Although the only thing I don’t, can’t and won’t understand is the people who are in the class before, in this class, and then stay for the next class (and that one crazy lazy who even exercised in between classes). It really isn’t beneficial to do such a long exercise! But that’s a rant for another day.

On Thursday we decided to pop out for a run, lately we have been upping the mileage and intensity of our runs (much to my disgust) and this time was no different. At first we decided to just do one lap of the lake which is a 2 mile run (2 laps for 3 miles) but around a third of the way into the first mile…my partner spots a hill… a huge hill…and he thought it would be a good idea to do hill sprints. It wasn’t. I very nearly cried and puked at the same time, but somehow I managed to complete 5 and THEN carry on with the run. This added 0.7 miles to the run (the hill was long too).


On Friday we popped out for our new weekly takeaway from a place called The Olive Tree. It’s known as a ‘healthy’ chippy and we have been thoroughly enjoying it here but there are some quirks. Like they will always get your order wrong, give you food you didn’t ask for but leave out the food you did and charge you the wrong price. And NEVER NEVER NEVER ask for the sauce your allowed on your kebab to be put in a pot instead, It’s really not worth it, you will regret such a request! Other than all that though the food is great! haha.

We decided for a fun day out on Saturday and panic picked Weston-Super-Mare late on the Friday night. It’s not close, around 2 hours and 130 miles but we really enjoyed it! First we popped to the pier for a bit of fun.



We then popped into a super nice chippy (again) for some ‘proper’ Fish and chips! This turned out to be the best chip shop we could have found there and really did get a lot of food for your money! It was called Winston’s and is on a corner and definitely worth the visit.


Next we headed off for a skate on the front which was so much fun and luckily it wasn’t too busy either and my skills are very limited!


we popped onto the beach to watch the kite surfers.


And saw a woman walking a parrot, and then a man flying his parrot on a dog lead!


Sunday was spent mostly lying in bed being exhausted from our day trip although we did pop out to watch Kris’s Little brothers playing rugby!

Monday we were meant to go for a run, instead this happened…. Please don’t judge me haha!


Tuesday literally ended in the same way Monday did…We were meant to go out for a run, or maybe the gym, but I ended up finishing off the ice cream whilst lying in bed watching the Paralympics!




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