3 Tips to commit to exercise

It’s 5pm, you’ve dragged yourself home from work, you’re tired, hungry and grumpy. You’re first thought is food…followed by Netflix and bed… Well at least that’s how my evenings generally go.

Lack of motivation can be so high that the struggle to get out of bed truly is real.

So here are my top 3 tips that you can try (or ignore and carry on watching Netflix) to getting yourself up and out of your slump and get outside or to the gym for a sweat infested session.

Top tip number 1!

Make commitments with another person. This is the only way I can get myself out of bed sometimes. If you have to meet someone or you have a partner or friend relying on you to go with them for a run, swim or gym session then no matter how little you want to go, you generally will still make an appearance. Going out to exercise with another person is motivation in itself too, you tend to keep each other going and there is someone there to feel proud with by the end.

Top tip number 2!

Book and pay for a class. Just do it without thinking, do it the week before, throw money at someone and make them take it, however you book your classes, just make sure it is done. By paying for a class, you are more motivated to actually turn up for said class. When I was a gym member I didn’t have to have to pay any extra for classes, therefore my attendance rate was awful. Now that I no longer have said gym membership and I have to pay £5 and reserve all the classes I attend, I actually have turned up to 100% of the classes that I book.

Top tip number 3!

Buy gym clothes in the masses. Not everyone may like exercise but I can bet you that everyone loves to buy and wear gym clothes. I for one like to wear it to work and pretend I’m going the gym after…I’m not…I’m just too lazy to put proper pants on that day. However, buying gym clothes does make you want to show them off and what better way than heading to the gym or exercise classes! I’ve not yet brought anything from Fabletics but I can definitely agree on the fact that their clothes are a thing of beauty!


So there you go, get up off your bum and go for a run, a cycle, a swim, just anything to get you moving!

Failing all of that…I definitely won’t judge you if you wear gym clothes in bed and go on an ice-cream and Netflix marathon.


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