The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter Issue 3

Wow last Tuesday was insane! The weather really took a turn for the worse and I haven’t experienced weather like that in England in a very long time, the thunder and lightning was so loud and bright and right overhead for a long time. At one point it was both coming at the same time which was scary and the rain was lashing down! We stayed in the house all evening and spent some time servicing skis.


On Wednesday I was super lazy and didn’t go to Piyo oops! I decided to have a big sort out of all my fabrics instead and get stuff cut out and ironed ready for making things. Once i’d done that I spent my evening with this little one 🙂


We had our usual take away on a Friday night from The Olive Tree, once again they slightly got the order wrong but we managed to catch it before they served it too us. What part of NO salad do they not get!

Saturday was a bit more of a chilled day than usual, I popped to the shops in the morning to get my Nan a birthday present and then popped over to see her for an hour. When we got back Kris worked on his car replacing the springs and anti roll bar because we may be taking it somewhere this year (still a secret where we are going :p). Then on the afternoon we went to watch his little brother play rugby for the 1st team for the very first time and he even scored a try so that was a great afternoon! Had a little show of juggling once we got home too from Kris.


On Sunday morning I popped to Aldi for the weekly food shop and then when we got to Kris’s the plan was to go for a run. Instead we spent the afternoon installing a new hedge in the garden which was a lot of hard work. In all fairness I spent more time ‘supervising’ and ordering Christmas presents online than helping. YES Christmas presents, another hint at the secret!


After a very tiring Sunday we popped home and chilled on the sofa watching a film.


Monday was spent mostly relaxing on the evening too, I tried to cook something a bit more exciting for dinner and it went so so wrong! If you ever see ‘sweet potato spaghetti’ in the shops….don’t buy it…it’s not worth it. We love everything that can be made from sweet potatoes but this was just horrible, it was horrible to cook, stuck to the pan in a massive burnt mess, it didn’t cook even in double the amount of recommended time and it tasted disgusting! Luckily we had some quick noodles on hand the salvage what was left of the meal.

Tuesday was spent in the usual way, Kris went skiing whilst I sat in the car watching YouTube videos! I’d love to sit in the cafe they have but after attending for 6 months or more it is still not open after their renovation!





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