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The Weekly Natter Issue 4

On Thursday I was lucky enough to finish work an hour early because I had left things last minute and I needed to pack…..because we were going DISNEY! We only took a backpack each because we were only going for three nights and a suitcase seemed a bit excessive.

I am going to do more posts on this trip so this will be a watered down version of our days so look out for more detailed days and more pictures!

Friday morning we had to get up super early 3:30am! Our flight was at 6:30 am which I was happy about because of having the whole day in the parks but it was really tiring. Disney is known for being super Unhealthy so I tried to start on a good foot and eat porridge and fruit for breakfast rather than the usual fry up.


We arrived at the parks for 10:30am and dropped our bags off at guest services for the day. It was meant to cost 6Euros but the guy gave me the wrong change so we only paid 5! I couldn’t believe our luck because the park was EMPTY! I’m not sure Disney and Quiet normally go together but today they did. Main street was quiet and when we got to the first ride of the day space mountain we walked straight onto it! Not quite believing our luck we headed straight to Buzz and walked straight onto that too.


After that we headed round both parks enjoying the fact we walked straight onto each and every ride! Within four hours we had done every ride in the park that was of interest to us and literally had the best day!


On Saturday we had to rise pretty damn early too because it was the day of Disney 5KM run! I had booked this so long ago and had been looking forward to it all year! Kris was less than impressed as we had to be up and waiting for a bus at 5:45am oops! The run started at 7am due to it needing to be finished by the time the parks opened.


This experience is one that will go down as one of the best of my life so far, it was full of so much fun, smiles and well running and I just loved every second! I managed to run the entire course without stopping which was such an achievement for me! (keep a look out for another post on this run)

After the run we went back for a nap and then headed out for the day in the parks, except it was super busy so instead we just enjoyed our day walking round taking pictures. We headed back to the hotel for dinner which coincided with happy hour, commence too much alcohol and a need for chicken nuggets and our night was set.


Sunday morning we finally got a little lie in and decided to go to Val d’europe rather than the parks as they looked to be super busy again and we had kind of done all we had wanted too. Val d’europe is a massive shopping centre just 2km down the road from Disney and definately worth the visit if you need 5 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Disney.


On the evening we did head back to Disney to do a few more rides and have our last ice cream before heading to bed.


Monday morning we headed off to the airport to catch our flight at 10am which ended up being delayed till 12…commence big melt down haha. I was so tired and just wanted to go home at this point, and also I just wanted to eat Subway.

We got back early afternoon and Kris decided we were going to head off in search of metal and welding gas so that he can make his brother’s exhaust for his new car. (This is his job by the way, he’s not just a give it a go guy haha)  and then I randomly decided I waned to go to a Ballet class on the evening. I haven’t been to Ballet since I was 7 but I’ve been wanting to get back into it lately, I did enjoy the class but most of it did go over my head as the class was more for people who had been dancing their whole life, so I went along with it and hopefully I start to pick it up a bit more!

Tuesday was spent watching youtube and sleeping! Trying to get over the weekend as it was just so tiring!

Many, Many, Many more posts to come with lots of pictures! I also filmed so much of the run so that will come in the form of a video soon 🙂


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