The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter Issue 5

Our routine for a Wednesday has been messed up a little bit, Kris was going to the gym with his brother and I would go to a Piyo class however his brother is back at Uni and doesn’t get back in time anymore. So we did something we tend to do from time to time and that was just to pop out for coffee, it just gets us out the house and away from TVs and phones which is quite nice!

On Thursday we decided to go for a bike ride together along the canals which ended up being a 7 mile ride! Luckily the canals are all flat so it didn’t feel quite so bad and it was a nice evening except for some crazy guy telling us we should go back to school to learn how to use a tow path haha! Apparently you are meant to get off your bike when passing someone because slowing down and moving over isn’t enough.

Friday evening I spent chilling out in front of the TV whilst Kris fixed up his exhaust on his car. And it was finally PAYDAY! 5 week months are the worse and to top if off we were in Disney last weekend so money was getting tight oops!

On Saturday we decided to go Cheshire oaks which is an outlet shopping centre about 2 hours away. We last visited two years ago and I’ve been dying to go back ever since but we finally have managed it and we got so many good deals! I really recommend going here especially if you don’t live to far away. We got most of our Christmas shopping done and for a lot cheaper than expected, we not only got good presents but for a good price too. A lot of the shops had extra sales once you got to the till too, 3 shops took an extra 10% off when paying and it wasn’t even advertised. I did take pictures of all the stuff I brought but it was on Snapchat and I didn’t save them! Ergh! So there is a serious lack of pictures for this weeks chat oops. I mostly bought gym clothes, running trainers, Toms and presents for people.

On Saturday night we were invited to a family friend’s 18th Birthday party. Oh My God I now feel really old! I spent the evening eating lots of food and dessert stood at the bar in my jeans and jacket whilst a ton of 18 year old’s flailed half naked around the dance floor drunk at 8:30pm haha! It was definitely entertaining but they looked like they had a great time whilst I had a great time eating chocolate eclairs, win win!

Sunday was a bit of a hectic day for me, Kris at the last minute got given executive tickets to a Rugby match which included Dinner so he scooted off for the day whilst I had to get all the chores done that we had planned. Can’t blame him, I’d have totally ditched too haha! I got my room all sorted and cleaned, went food shopping, did some last minute birthday present shopping and even managed to fit in a 2 mile run in my new trainers. On the evening though I was seriously pooped and just lay in bed totally useless whilst Kris went to the gym.


Monday was spent at work after a weekend that went just way too quickly but I spent the day trying to be productive and setting up my Etsy shop and an instagram dedicated to it, Check them out here!

A lot more will be added soon so bare with me 🙂


On Monday night I went back to ballet class and enjoyed it even more this time, I spent the week watching loads of Youtube videos to get a bit more of an understanding and this class seemed to be a lot easier to follow along.


Tuesday night was spent being boring and watching Youtube videos all night whilst Kris was skiing.


This post has serious lacked pictures so here is a Disney one!



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