The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter Issue 6

On Wednesday it was Kris’s Dad’s 60th Birthday! So we popped around after work and enjoyed a takeaway from our favourite place and had lots and lots of cakes too. I also added lots more to my Etsy store, check it out here


On Thursday evening we were really tired from the night before so had a yummy dinner and watched Disney’s inside out again which i LOVE! I also got a contract sent through for something exciting which I will do a post on soon!!!!!!

On Friday at work I decided to treat myself to a Subway as one has just opened up only half a mile away from my workplace. It started bad and ended even worse, the girl walked away before even wrapping my sandwich and left me standing there haha! It was so awkward, I don’t think she had been trained properly or maybe she just had anger issues but I complained because when I got back to work my sandwich looked like this….


A very messy meatball sandwich, but I will be given another meal free of charge when I next go in apparently as an apology.

On Saturday we decided to have a very very lazy Saturday morning watching TV till 12 as we both just felt utterly exhausted! A lack of a summer holiday this year has proved a very bad idea and both of us are struggling. After watching 50 odd episodes of only fools and horses we popped out so that I could go to Ballet and Kris could finish welding his work bench up that I think he made 3 months ago, oops! When we got back the builders had done much more to our extension and our garage is looking so good now!



Sunday we knew was going to be a long day! We were celebrating Kris’s Dad’s 60th Birthday at a golf club for Sunday lunch and there was around 50 people attending so it was a full on social. It started around 12:30 and we didn’t get home till gone 9 but it was such a good day and the food was just so good too!


On Monday I quickly tidied the house up and headed off to Ballet, it was my fourth lesson and things were starting to click, right up till the end where I was just so tired I pretty much gave up haha!

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy, I have added loads of new stuff since last week!


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