The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter Issue 7

My week has been mostly chilled out and lazy so this week’s post may be slightly on the boring side! Oops!

On Thursday I started sewing as soon as I got home from work and managed to produce quite a few items.


On Friday we popped to Subway for a cheeky free dinner (Lots of points on my card and a free Sub owed to me) and then when we got back I started sewing again and managed to make a bunch of new items again.


On Saturday for what seemed like the first day in forever we actually had a lie in! We stayed in bed watching only fools and horses till around 1! Which never ever happens. Then we popped out to just try and get some fresh air so we went for a walk in Sutton Park. img_9542img_9543img_9544

On our way home I decided to pop into B&Q and Hobby craft as I had had a idea for a new craft project. As soon as we got home I got started on it and Kris even joined in and made me one for my bed room. A Wool Wall Hanging.


The rest that I made have been put on Etsy shop so check them out here


Sunday ended up being much like Saturday watching lots of TV and eventually surfacing around midday where we popped over to Kris’s. I watched Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging and made wool wall hangings whilst Kris did some Metal work in the garage. Then his mom made us an amazing Dinner of Shrewsbury lamb! YUM!

On Monday it was my Brother’s birthday so I popped over to his after work for a short while before heading off to Ballet. My parents were away working so we didn’t go out for a meal on this night.

On Tuesday however we went out to a favourite of ours, an Italian called San Giovannis. It is quite possibly my favourite restaurant to go too, the food is always amazing there!


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