The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter Issue 8

On Wednesday I did something really exciting! I signed and sent back a contract for something, it felt like a big deal and it is but something so small has locked me into something so exciting! I shall be doing a post on it soon to explain all 🙂

On Thursday I had the day off work to do something very important. I learnt a lot from what I did but I learnt such a massive lesson which I hope will stay with me. I learnt that no matter what, do your job properly, do it the best of your ability, don’t take shortcuts, don’t think someone else will do it, don’t expect things to just be okay… If something is your responsibility at work then make sure you undertake this to the best of your ability without shortcuts. Obviously within some jobs not doing something properly won’t cause too much harm, but in some certain jobs not doing something properly can cost a lot.

On Friday I had to do ‘Adult’ things including taking my car for it’s service and MOT, my most least favourite time of the year! I’m always worried it’s going to cost lots of money but luckily I scrapped through with nothing but an advisory to get new brake pads. I’m on a service plan with VW where you pay £23 a month but when your service and MOT rolls round, it’s FREE! You also get other benefits like 10% discount if any other work needs carrying out and a free courtesy car too.

On Saturday, Kris and I decided to help out my parents paint our new garage. It took bloody ages haha, brickwork is so difficult to paint because of all the holes and lumps and bumps, my hands were truly killing afterwards. It pretty much exhausted me for the rest of the day!

Sunday seems to be the only day I took pictures this week, My bad! The morning started off super early because we had to be in Sutton park at 8:30am for a 5KM organised run. I haven’t ran in about 2 weeks so I wasn’t exactly prepared for this but I went all out and ran the whole thing. I came 20th out of 70 woman and around 70th out of 140 people. I had no idea I had done so well until I saw the results!


My only disappointment with this run is when we arrived, the car park for it (which is normally free) had attendants on it asking for a £2 charity donation. I explained that I wasn’t informed of this and didn’t have my purse with me since we already knew we didn’t need money to run. I was made to feel so bad about not donating even though he did allow me to park there. I returned to the website to made sure I hadn’t made a mistake and nope, all it said was Parking available on site. The parking there has always been free as it is a place we park very often so it wasn’t something we had pre thought about.

Straight after the run I popped to a new Primark that had opened nearby and was pleasantly surprised about how good it was on this trip. I managed to get quite a few things for my upcoming trip!

Afterwards we popped to Aldi to get our weekly shop and picked up some pumpkins to carve on the afternoon! It certainly kept us busy!


On Monday the pictures from the run became available online, but I was quite disappointed at the price, £9 for ONE digital download. Nah thanks, it was only a normal run not like the Disney one, why on earth would I pay so much for such a picture! I was a bit annoyed so I just took pictures of the watermarked ones haha.


On Tuesday we started watching the Netflix original series, Stranger things! OMG it’s so good, we watched 5 episodes in one night, which now seems a bit of a waste since there are only 8 available episodes currently. oops!

Don’t forget about all the stuff I am selling on Etsy!

I have had two orders since making my Etsy store live, one even going to the USA! So exciting!



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