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We are moving to Switzerland!

So after a lot of hard work and countless hours organising this, it is finally confirmed enough to be able to shout about it! We are moving to Switzerland (temporarily) for 5 months! We leave on the 30th November this year which is 5 weeks today and I am so excited!

We decided to do this in January of this year but things have been very slow moving, trying to get an apartment to live in has been our main issue. There are no English agencies to use in Switzerland like we had done previously with France so finding an apartment was a personal mission and I finally have finalised all the details, signed the contracts and paid the deposit. It’s final! We are off!

Now comes all the baggage that comes with going to live abroad and believe me there is alot! I was very wary to start buying anything or booking anything else before we had a contract signed on a property as I did not want to waste money. But now it is a free for all for the next 5 weeks to get everything accomplished that is needed. Including getting all my Christmas shopping done now ergh!

I am going to start doing weekly (hopefully) update posts on our move to Switzerland! Including all the random things you have to buy and book and organise. I have a book full of lists already stressing me out.

Switzerland…Here we come 😀



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