The Weekly Natter

Switzerland Update

The countdown is on! We leave at the end of this month and is actually 4 whole weeks today until we leave which definitely leaves me with a funny feeling of pure excitement and a whole bunch of nervous butterflies.

My days are mostly filled with writing lists, lists and way more lists. I have lists coming out of my ears! I have a really bad memory and I always stress that I may forget something so it doesn’t matter how small it is (including stuff like buying socks) it is on the list!

So far I am more than half way through getting all the toiletries together and buying the odd item of clothing. Mostly I have spent some time sorting my own car out which we are not even taking but the Insurance, MOT and Service were all due within two weeks of each other! STRESS! I am half way through my Christmas shopping, including cards and wrapping paper been bought. I just have a few more pressies to get!

I need to start looking at getting some snow chains and booking the euro tunnel and a hotel in France on the way down. I also need to crack on with things such as insurance (quite important) and the dreaded visit to the bureau du change to get a ton of money swapped over. Rent is due the first day we arrive so that is a big chunk straight away and also we will need to buy food and such.

We are taking some items of food with us but I’m going to leave that as one of the last things to buy as it will be the most stress free thing on the list.

Another update coming soon! Hopefully I have way more ticked off my list by that point!


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