The Weekly Natter

The weekly Natter Issue 9

This week has again been a little quiet, however we did start and finish watching the series ‘The Stranger things’! I thought it was really good to be honest, bit different, almost a bit scary, but i already can’t wait for the second series, definitely recommend.

On Wednesday, I did something pretty exciting and that was paying the deposit for our accommodation for the winter season in Switzerland! If you missed my other posts then I’ll announce again! We are going to live in Switzerland for the winter for around 5 months! It’s pretty exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. It’s not my first time going away but it still is a big thing each time.


The rest of the week was pretty darn quiet, just chilling, watching TV and doing nothing worth noting. Even Saturday played out a similar way. We tried to have a lazy morning but problems with the internet meant Kris couldn’t play Xbox and after 3 hours trying to fix it there was still no such luck. So instead we got ready and headed out to the Snowdome. We both use to work there and now that we don’t, we actually like to pop in from time to time to say hello and grab a coffee from Starbucks. Afterwards we headed home and finally the internet was fixed so we literally spent all afternoon with Kris playing Xbox and me faffing around sewing and chilling.


On Sunday I popped to the shops to try and get some stuff sorted for the trip we are making such as all new toiletries, which is bloody expensive! I’ve probably spent roughly £100 and still got a little more to spend. I had planned to go with all new fresh full stuff rather than a ton of half used stuff that will probably run out soon anyway. Luckily I don’t wear much makeup so at least that side of things hasn’t been too bad at all. Afterwards we headed to the rugby club to watch Kris’s little brother play rugby. This is quite the norm for a Sunday afternoon through rugby season. I’ll kind of miss it this year with going away, our Sunday’s would normally be climbing on the morning, watch rugby in the afternoon followed by a big roast dinner and then most likely watching some more rugby on the TV.

Monday was Halloween and we didn’t get a single Trick or Treater! Oh well, more sweets for us haha! It was super foggy on the Morning though on the way to work.


I have been super busy making stuff for my Etsy shop before we go away, luckily my mom has agreed to send any items that sell whilst I am gone. So everything on there is already made and ready to go, check them out!





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