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Switzerland Update, 3 weeks to go!

3 weeks to go!

So excited and things are slowly falling into place with all the things I need to purchase. All the toiletries have been purchased including medicines because on both Winter seasons I have been on before I have come down with a ridiculous cough that has lasted ages. For all I knew they could have been chest infections but i suffered them out with a ton (literally) of cough medicines and other flu stuff. After around 4-6 they tend to go away on their own but they surely do suck when I have them!

The car we are taking away needed a bit of TLC so Kris has spent a lot of time sorting the brakes, MOT, Service and wheel alignment on it, whilst I have spent a long time sorting out getting EU breakdown cover, EU insurance, EU car kit. Jump leads have also been purchased, the car will probably sit for quite a while so we may need helping out now and again. The village we are going to is Car free, so we are staying slightly outside of it which means we can’t use the car to commute, it will only be used to pop the shops.

One to make you all sick to the stomach! My Christmas shopping is 95% DONE! All bought, wrapped and sitting waiting to be delivered. The only people I haven’t sorted yet is my Grandad and Kris.

Next on the list is to sort winter insurance, we will both be teaching so a special insurance is needed ergh! If there is one thing I hate more than anything, it is insurance! It may be important and yes I have claimed on previous ones for emergency flights home before but the rigmarole of getting only some of the money back for that was almost not worth it! All insurances have their really annoying small print which basically tries to always get out of paying you for some reason, and the prices just make me wince!

After insurance, it’s time to get the Euro tunnel booked and a Hotel booked in France on the way down. We want to arrive early in the day in Switzerland so stay overnight so that we arrive at a good time. The trip is more than do able in one day and that will be how we get home but it’s just easier to arrive refreshed (slightly) as there is a lot of unpacking and shopping to be done on the day you arrive in resort.

3 weeks to go!!!!!


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