The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter, Issue 10

My week hasn’t been too exciting due to being so busy sorting out my winter season abroad! On Wednesday I sucked it up and bought snow chains, I really didn’t want too but it is a legal requirement to be carrying them in a ski resort. One they are quite costly, two they can damage your alloys and three I doubt we will even use them as our car is four wheel drive and we have no need to take it out either if the weather is bad. At least the sun set was super pretty that evening!


I have spent a lot of the week making things for my Etsy store, I won’t be able to make anything whilst away so am trying to use up all my materials before going so that I have the maximum amount in my store to make a bit of extra money whilst away.


My Etsy store is

New items are appearing all the time at the moment!

Friday was stressful as so much stuff needs sorting for moving abroad including stuff like jobs and it’s just very overwhelming sometimes. Luckily I had Kris to calm me down a bit and buy me a takeaway to cheer me up.

On Saturday Kris spent his day sorting his car which left me with a ton of time to get stuff packed, rooms tidied, bathroom cleaned, loft arranged and even an hour to sew. As it was bonfire night we headed out to his local Rugby club as they always have a fire and fireworks there.


First time I have got to wear my hat this season!


Sunday was spent in a similar way to Saturday. Kris worked on his car again and I spent the morning in the town centre buying a shit ton of stuff. Christmas presents were bought as were stuff for the season such as toiletries and food! On the evening we got to spend some time with our friends and going out for food which was nice as it may be the last time we get to see them before heading off.I also lost my VW centre hubcap on my wheel though which annoys me haha!


More and more stuff keeps selling on my Etsy which is exciting! I have sold quite a bit off Etsy too which is slightly annoying as it obviously doesn’t come up in my sales totals so it doesn’t look like I am doing as good as I actually am! This is my latest item to be sent out!





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