My 2016 regrets and achievements and 2017 goals!

The year isn’t quite finished yet but with leaving for Switzerland soon I have had some time to think about the past year and my goals for next year. 2016 for me has gone by with a flash, and I really have no idea where most my time has gone or why I didn’t maybe achieve quite as much as I wished.

I’ll start with what I wouldn’t like to call regrets but maybe things I’d like to work on next year .

  • Not seeing my friends enough. I feel like weeks and weeks have passed and I’ve not even noticed. Getting stuck in the same routine is dangerous and it is easy to forget to invite people out for a get together. I have a few small groups of friends that I all see separately and even though I see each group on occasion there seems to be big gaps in between. Luckily being an ‘adult’ I can say that I have friendships solid enough that time makes no difference to closeness when we do meet up.
  • Money and how I spend it. I seem to be stingy with money but then blow a load of it on nothing and wonder where it went. Every month when I get paid I section all my money off into different accounts and live by a budget. Ill look online, see all things I’d like to buy and never make the purchase….however come the weekend I’ll go out and spend money I never planned too and it all seems to disappear. Next year I’d like to budget some money to spend on items I truly want rather than putting them off and never purchasing.
  • Not climbing as much. Climbing was and still is a firm hobby of mine. We would go 3-4 times a week at one point, then it reduced to 2-3 times. And then after a family tragedy in July which disrupted the set routine we had in place for a couple of weeks we just seemed to never to return to it on a regular basis. We have still been once or twice a month but I’ve really started to miss it. This is definitely something I would like to get back to next year when we get home.
  • It is a similar story with exercise in general too, my motivation for exercise has lacked and other than the odd run every couple of weeks or a couple of fitness classes, I’ve really not taken part in as much exercise as I have in previous years.
  • Lastly, stressing about organisation. I worry so much about organising things that sometimes I forget to enjoy them. Holidays, days out, this season away. I’ve made lists upon lists, spent hours exploring different things and by the time the event comes round I am almost so exhausted mentally that I wonder at what point can I chill out and start enjoying this. I also worry a lot, I worry about making sure I’ve remembered everything for the holiday, then I worry about will I miss the plane, what about if our transfer doesn’t work out, what about if the hotel doesn’t have my booking, what about if I somehow bought fake tickets. It is literally never ending.


However there are a heck of a lot to be proud of and happy about this year too!

  • Even though I’m a little unhappy with the lack of climbing recently, I also am happy about the progress I have made. I’m not a fan of heights and have found that tricky short routes are more to my preference that a long easy route.
  • I’ve done quite a few running events this year! I have been told by specialists that I really shouldn’t run, I have an ankle condition that can flare up with high impact sports however I didn’t listen and decided to run anyway. I have found that wearing the correct running shoes and only running once a week has not effected my ankle condition at all. I am sure that longer distance or more training may have a negative effect but for now everything is great. I have completed four organised runs this year with the most fun one being in Disneyland Paris and then my most proud run in my home town where I came 20th Female out of 70 Women. I did however get overtaken by an 8 year old at the finish line….maybe not my proudest moment haha!
  • My Etsy store is finally live and kicking! I am considered opening one all year and finally took the plunge a couple of months ago. So far so good, 6 sales on Etsy and around 5 off Etsy. The ones off Etsy were to family members so seemed pointless going through the Etsy website.
  • Switzerland! There’s not too much to say here but I am going to live in Switzerland for a bit and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

My 2017 Goals

  • Join a gym and exercise like I use too!
  • Climb more
  • Save more money and spend it wisely
  • visit family and friends more often
  • have even more adventures
  • Finally have a summer holiday!
  • Expand my Etsy store with more items
  • Run in more organised events
  • Possibly do a triathlon?






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