The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter, Issue 11

Another week of super busy organising and planning for Switzerland! On Wednesday Kris finally managed to finish his car off so we finally have good brakes! My cat also decided to be a muddy mess leaving this for me to clean up!


Thursday was spent mostly chilling after work but I did find this quote that opened my eyes quite a lot and has got me even more excited about Switzerland.


On Friday we were invited to a quiz night at the Rugby club so we went along with Kris’s parents and family friends. HAHA I was the most useless help ever, I didn’t get a single question right that somebody else didn’t already know. Although to be fair it was aimed at people of a much higher age than us and even Kris struggled.

I also spent a lot of time putting my Etsy stuff together with prices as my Mom had agreed to do a craft fair for me as I was too busy sorting out plans for Switzerland.


On Saturday Kris and I got a ton of stuff done for Switzerland, we bought food and cleaning stuff and even made sure the snow chains fit onto his car! I also bought the last present I needed to for Christmas and everyone’s Christmas card!

Sunday was much of the same with shopping for things for Switzerland and generally sorting things out.

Monday ended up being a massive FAFF! haha. Kris needed to get the wheel alignment done on his car before we headed off for this long drive so the Garage said bring it at 5pm and it’ll take an hour or two….we got there and they asked us to come back at 6pm…by 7pm nothing had really been done and he said it was probably best if we went home and called at 9pm to see if it was ready (the place stays open till 10pm) rang at 9pm, told to call back in half hour…called at 9:30, told to ring back in half hour….called at 10pm and told yeah come along in a bit…..we didn’t leave the garage till 20 past midnight! I think I was ready to cry haha. I only ended up with about 5 hours sleep and apparently I am too old to be able to cope with this now. Although on a much better note, there was a Nike outlet nearby that we popped into and believe it or not I picked all of these up for £20!!!



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