The countdown is on! Switzerland!

Organising a season is possibly the most stressful, intense, busy, worrying time. I don’t know whether I just let it all get on top of me or whether it really just is this stressful! After a ton of organising I seem to be heading towards the end of sorting everything and now that the list of To-Dos is a lot shorter, I now just feel I am forgetting things haha!

The car is mostly sorted, every legal thing has been sorted such as insurance, breakdown cover, MOT and brakes. We made a super last minute decision to add roof bars with a ski rack so that the skis are not inside the car, we thought they would be fine inside the car and they do fit but we both just feel they will just get in the way of all the other bags. One trip to Halfords later and it is all sorted!

Mostly everything that needs to be purchased has been so. Food, toiletries, cleaning items, clothes are all bought and packed. The biggest purchase is yet to come and that is swapping money into Euros and Swiss Francs!

Just odds and sods left to do now! Visiting Family is a must and so is a cheeky early Christmas dinner. Got a couple of nights out with friends and meals organised and then it really will be time to go!

Just 8 days left!!!!



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