The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 12

This week seems to have gone by so quick! I have been so busy organising every last detail of our move to Switzerland that I am not sure where the days have gone. On Wednesday I got all of my Christmas presents wrapped! Absolutely all Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped and some have even been delivered. I feel this is such a weight off my shoulders, Christmas can be stressful on it’s own, let alone all the extra added stress of moving abroad. I will miss all the Christmassy stuff like going the German market and family visits and such but hopefully Switzerland will feel Christmassy enough!

On Thursday I uploaded all of my final items onto my Etsy which will most likely be the last of the bunch before we head off and no new items will be added until I am back now around May time.


On Friday Kris got the last of the car sorted by bleeding the brakes and taking it for it’s MOT. It was so frustrating to find out that our MOT ran out 3 weeks before we are due to return to England! The only way of getting around it would be to drive the car straight from the ferry returning to England to the MOT garage which is obviously impossible as it would be late at night and full of our stuff! So we had to bite the bullet and get the MOT done 5 months early! However it passed with flying colours so luckily there was no last minute expenses.



Saturday was a bit of a waste of a day! You know those days where you have so so much planned and everything and I mean EVERYTHING goes wrong. And the worst part was nothing could have been done about it and none of it was our fault but the whole day kind of just went to pot. We drove a whole hour away to pick up a pair of skis Kris was buying to find that the seller had picked up the wrong skis (Serious head in hands moment) he didn’t live nearby either so we arranged to meet up again. All in all that ended up being 3 hours out of the house for no reason… And then without going into too much detail we spent a cold, dark afternoon jet washing the drive way due to 4 litres of Car oil ending up on it….Not my ideal Saturday but trying not to be totally defeated we swung by B&Q to pick up some items needed for Switzerland and then treated ourselves to a Subway. They were out of Meatballs and I definitely nearly had a breakdown!

Sunday was a much better day. It started off with popping to our local ski shop where Kris bought me my Christmas present of some new snowboard boots! Mine are around four years old and were very soft and padded out. I chose the same brand but these do up with laces which I have never tried before so I am definitely excited to try them! The afternoon was spent at Kris’s home for our first early Christmas dinner! It was lovely to sit down with the family and eat a yummy dinner with all the special Christmas treats such as a prawn cocktail starter and a meal with Pigs in blankets.


On Sunday evening I got hooked on Pinterest again. Now that my Etsy store is open I felt that I could add more to it than I currently have live. I had a butchers for some inspiration for something I could make next year when I am home for the summer. Here are a few things I would like to give a go!


Then whilst having a butchers on my Dad’s PC for some films to take with us I stumbled across this picture of my Nanny and me at Christmas time when I was little. This Woman has all of my heart and she was the kindest soul you could ever wish to meet in your lifetime.


On Monday I had a full on day of Chores which I had to get done whilst working an 8 hour day. Que Headache ergh! Doctor trips, queuing for prescriptions, sending parcels, cleaning garages, buying insurance and food shopping. The least fun trip was to get Roof bars for our car to pop our skis on. Now I already knew what I needed to purchase but some Staff are just so unhelpful. I picked everything up and then asked a staff member to check out my purchase to make sure I had chosen correctly, he informed me I needed a ‘Fitting kit’ for £38…I asked what was in said fitting kit….He informed me it was stuff to help fit the bars…Now I’m no genius but I am more than sure this was obvious…I was wondering whether it was specialist tools or adaptors or what. He then passed me off to another member of staff to order everything in even though 2 out of the 3 items were already in store and he made me return them to the shelf….

The Woman I got passed too then refused to order in items that were already on the shelf (my point exactly) and then couldn’t find what fitting kit would be needed for our car. Turns out there isn’t a fitting kit needed for our car as it already has roof rails and she found out that fitting kits included the items needed to put the hooks into the guttering of the car windows (something we obviously didn’t need). So 20 minutes later I walked out with the items I had already picked out for myself with no help of the staff and asking them just made the whole situation longer and more complicated. People aye!

Tuesday was slightly less stressful. Just a few jobs needed doing, I had to pop into town to pick up my necklace from my jewellers because I accidentally broke it last week oops! And then we need to meet up with seller of the Kris’s new skis so he can finally get them.

I am sure another stress full busy week is ahead. I am not sure there will be a post next week as we will be travelling all day Wednesday and half day Thursday and then we won’t have internet in our studio for at least a couple of days. To make things easier I may just do a two week special the week after if we finally have internet, fingers crossed 🙂




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