The Weekly Natter

The weekly Natter – Issue 13

As I write this I am actually two weeks in front. If you have read previous posts you would have seen that I have temporarily moved to Switzerland! I am finally here and things are all finally sorted so I can now crack on with writing up a few posts to keep you updated!

On Wednesday 2 weeks ago our ski rack for the top of the car finally arrived which I am now so thankful we decided to buy! We put four skies on top of the car rather than inside and honestly I don’t know what we would have done about it, the car was packed solid! Once we fitted it to the car we were able to enjoy our evenings with friends at TGI Fridays. I haven’t been to this restaurant for so long and it was just so good to chill out with friends and eat some really good food!

Thursday was pretty chilled out and Kris went out with a friend to say bye.

Now Friday is where life got really interesting….I say interesting…What I really mean is Horrific. Friday was horrific. I don’t think I have anymore words for this day. In a nutshell…our car broke. Yes the car that we planned to take to Switzerland just 5 days later was broken. We couldn’t even laugh, we couldn’t see any bright side. Basically we knew we were screwed. We spoke to the garage that usually deals with Kris’s car and said they would try and order the part on Monday…Yes Monday..2 days before we were due to leave.

Saturday we just tried to be positive as we still had a ton of stuff to get done. We popped out to see Grandparents and deliver Christmas presents…It may seem a bit early but we won’t see them again before Christmas so it was something we definitely needed to do. Some Cat cuddles were definitely in order!


I took a picture of all of the run events I had attended this year! I am hoping to do a lot more next year.


Sunday was just lovely. We had a lot of stress that we pushed to the back of our minds and we just enjoyed a family day at home experiencing an early Christmas. I was lucky enough to receive some early Christmas presents on this day which will be super helpful for the winter season away.

img_9807 img_9827


On Monday we got a lot of stuff done in relation to the season away and I took pictures of my cat. We were also told that the part we needed for the car was ordered on next day delivery so we hoped it would be there for Tuesday and we could get the car all sorted.


On Tuesday we had yet another nasty surprise in relation to the car…The part didn’t get sent out on Next day delivery and it was not coming until Wednesday… Yes Wednesday…The day we were leaving for Switzerland…By this point we were banging our heads against a brick wall but we tried to stay calm. I rearranged all our travel plans so instead of getting the 7:20am Chunnel I changed it to the 11:39pm Chunnel. This meant we had the whole day to fix the car and pack.

Yes Wednesday got worse guys. Wednesday got a lot worse. We got the phone call to say the part had arrived…Hurrah you might think. NO. The car was meant to be driveable to the garage yet it didn’t get 200 metres up the road when it fully gave up. This was at midday and we were already pushing it for time… LUCKILY we had break down cover so they arrived within the hour to take the car to the garage. By 4pm Kris had just arrived home…we hadn’t packed, we weren’t ready and we had 2.5 hours to pack, eat, say our goodbyes and leave. Stress. It was fully stressful.

Finally we were on our way…




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