The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 14

So last I left this we have just gotten in the car to drive to Switzerland! The journey actually went great and for the most part was really uneventful. We caught the 11:19pm chunnel and managed to catch 45 mins sleep on this as we knew we had a long night ahead. After what seemed like forever, the sun started to rise and our drive started to become a lot easier and we felt alot more awake. The views once in Switzerland were amazing!


We arrived into our new village around midday and went to the hotel who were renting our apartment to us. We experienced a little difficulty with the language barrier…by little I mean they spoke no English what so ever and kept pointing at a sign that said come back at 2pm. I definitely wasn’t going to wait and luckily she got someone else on the phone who could speak English and he came along to open up our apartment and give us the keys. Especially for the price and location we are super happy with our place.


On Friday we were exhausted to we basically stayed in all day watching TV untill around 3pm when we decided it was about time to pop into the Ski Village Zermatt. We are staying a short train ride outside Zermatt as it was a lot cheaper.

Saturday got a ton more fun! We finally went up the mountain and saw some amazing views. It may not make much sense but basically we are on top of a mountain, above the clouds and that is Italy underneath.


On Sunday we went riding again and this time we went up a different part of the mountain called Sunnegga. This seems to be a very good area to go if your a beginner and we certainly saw some amazing sights up there!


In the second picture, that huge peak in the middle, is the Matterhorn, Something Zermatt is famous for.

The rules are a little different here in Switzerland as it is not a part of the EU so we spent Monday arranging all the legal stuff for us to be able to work and play here for the next few months. We finally was able to buy the discounted monthly train pass and ski pass. After sorting all this we popped to Visp, which is 40 minute drive away so that we could visit an Aldi to get some serious food shopping done. We also managed to pick up a kettle cheaply which was a life saver as our apartment didn’t have one.


Mom sent me a picture of my Kit Kat because I am already missing him so much!


On Tuesday we decided to ski over to Cervinia which is in Italy, the mountains connect the two borders and it doesn’t take too long to end up in a different country. The view was equally amazing over there aswell. I was told Mont Blanc is in this picture but I am not 100% convinced.


On Wednesday I had a chill day because the Internet man was finally coming to fix our internet so that the Wifi would work! Thank God he did because life is very difficult when you only have super slow 3G and your trying to sort your life out haha!

I think I’ll just make this into a two week special so that I am fully caught up!

On Thursday we rode over to Cervinia again and this time I got to eat Pizza! I am not sure there is much better!


I also got to see the Matterhorn from Italies point of view. And i’ll tell you something…it was very underwhelming and took quite a while to even locate. When you are up so high it really doesn’t look as impressive. My camera isn’t even on zoom for this shot.


On Friday I took another rest day because I was going to catch up on some work…nope all I caught up on was The Walking Dead! Which is now on Netflix!

On Saturday, there was mandatory training for everyone at our workplace…Except it was mainly for skiers so after 2 boring hours I left and went to explore a place which is the highest 360degree Panoramic viewing point in all of the alps.


On Sunday there was mandatory training but this time I only stuck around for about an hour and a half before heading off. I totally intended to ride some more but The Walking Dead was calling and I answered. haha oops!

Monday, Tuesday and today are all of the same. Working! Catch up next week!




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