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Festive Nails for Christmas

If your like me then you like to have nice nails most of the time, except I don’t have the time nor money to invest into going to get them done professionally. Instead I like to invest in all different types of nail products to get a nice look. Over the past couple of years I have possibly tried all types and brands of nail varnish and these two have been a firm favourite for a while now.


I never thought to look in Topshop for nail varnish but I saw these once by the counters and the ‘Matte Nail’ label definitely intrigued me. The brand was available in a massive amount of gorgeous colours and I have picked up quite a few since first spotting them.

The finish is exactly as described, it is a matte finish. It takes at least two-three thin coats to make sure it doesn’t look patchy but it seems to dry instantly and leaves a beautiful finish. I have never used a top coat in this product as I assumed it would leave it with a shiny finish, but I have found that the varnish doesn’t last too long. It usually seems to come off when in water too much. The colour I have used is the shade ‘Heartbreaker’.


The other colour I have used is by Ciate and is the mini version. I received this as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and have found it to be a great addition for a little added sparkle for the festive season. I don’t tend to use a top coat on this colour either just because I find it shiny enough and it is long lasting. The colour I have used is in the shade ‘Fit for a Queen’.

Find the link for the TopShop nail varnish here

Find the link for the Ciate nail varnish here



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