The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 15

So this post will end up being a three week special as I was so busy over the Christmas period with work (YES I worked Christmas Day!) that I’ve barely had a chance to do my washing let alone write up a now super long post.

Thursday 15 December is where I am going to start from which is where I left it on the last post (I think). I have been searching Pinterest for some ideas for my Etsy store for when I am home and I really want to try these.

On Friday 16th I worked again and caught some lovely views from my window!


The sun works its way down the mountain until it reaches the village and its so pretty to watch this happen. Its strange aswell because around 3PM the village will suddenly go dark in an instance.

My new favourite snack at the moment, apples and Nutella!


My mom sent me a picture of my cat snoozing by the Christmas tree, I definitely miss the little bugger!


On Saturday 16th we went up riding and caught some amazing views, it has been wall to wall sunshine since we have arrived which has meant some beautiful sight seeing.


On Sunday we took another trip up the mountain and saw some more incredible views. My mom also sent a picture of what my cat has done to the Christmas tree skirt….oooppppsss….


On Tuesday 20th my Mom took my little cousin to Winter Wonderland at Snowdome which I am so gutted I couldn’t go too but hopefully next year I will be able to do some fun stuff like that even if it isn’t in the winter.


Found my Dad’s favourite chocolate which only seems to come out at Christmas time in the UK but it looks like they sell it all year round in Switzerland.


On Friday the 23rd is when the real hard work started, I had a 10 day booking with no rest days…After day one I knew if was going to be a challenging 10 days physically as I was already suffering with a cold.


I decided to treat myself to some clothes from Topshop and Forever 21 as an early Christmas present…even though I most likely won’t get them untill my Parents come out to see me in March.

On Christmas Eve I worked and afterwards headed to a friend’s house for Dinner which was delicious! It was so nice not to have to cook for one night and receive such a lovely Dinner. Thanks Damien!

Ah Christmas Day! Unfortunately I had to work but luckily the booking Kris and I had were related so this meant we were both treated to the same Christmas lunch so we will still able to spend some time together which was lovely. We had salmon for lunch which is not very traditional but oh so good!


Worked again on Boxing day and saw some goats in the Wooli park.


And then spent the evening fixing Kris’s ripped ski Pants!


On 29th December we were once again treated to a yummy lunch on the mountain by our clients and then on the evening we were treated to a staff meal. This day was a GOOD food day! For lunch I ate spaghetti and for Dinner, Raclette which I think is an odd version of Fondue? Kris was super lucky, he can’t eat cheese so they substituted his for a steak and chips!

All my clothes arrived too that I had ordered before Christmas.


On New years Eve I was treated by my clients again to a massive burger at a beautiful restaurant on the mountain. I wish I took a picture but it is a little awkward in front of clients haha.


I would also love to say I stayed out till midnight and brought the new year in….nope too knackered…I fell asleep around 10pm dreaming of stealing these Molton Brown hand washes hahahaha


On Sunday I totally lied to the kid I was teaching….read the following Snapchats…


On New Years day I did something I literally never do and that was eat a McDonald’s for dinner! And I secretly really really enjoyed it! Dammit! It was for sure a celebration of finishing a 10 day work stint.

However I also did go to the Ice Palace on this day too which I did enjoy!


And chilled in the comfiest egg chairs watching a short film in the mountain cinema.


Yes I was meant to be working….but my kid was so tired…Soz Boss Man!

Also fed myself silly with these as another well done to making it through 10 of the busiest days!


On Monday I finally got to catch up with everything that had been put to the side over the past two weeks. I cleaned, shopped, organised and rested my poor bones!

Kris the insanely lucky B*****d got taken for a helicopter ride with his client!

Got sent our work group photo too.


On Tuesday I decided to be super healthy and started my day with a run. I ALMOST died…. It was -9 weather, 8:30am and I am not use to exercising in high altitude. I managed just over a mile and in an awful time but I did feel better for getting off my bum and doing something.


Treated myself to a hot chocolate afterwards…Sorry not sorry.


Then nursed and whinged about my poor ankles.. Sorry about the TMI picture but this is the reality of teaching…


Wednesday saw the first snowfall since we arrived one month ago!


I decided to celebrate with a workout and a salad. Not a new year, new me situation as I totally ate my weight in Lindt chocolate afterwards. But maybe a slightly more motivated me is appearing….I hope.


Happy new year! Hopefully I can get back to my regular weekly posts now that the busiest period has passed.



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