The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 16

Yep. So once again failed miserably at keeping to once a week so here follows another 3ish week special! My bad.

On January 10th, Kris went with a friend to Milan. To get there they had to leave Zermatt early, Ski over to Cervinia which is in Italy and then catch a 3 hour bus to Milan which is where our friend lives.


This commenced my most boring week ever haha! They initially wanted to go for one night, they quickly changed to two then three…baring in mind I was home alone in a foreign country.


I spent ALOT of time playing the usually occupied Xbox which was kind of nice though!


They ended up getting stuck in Milan because the weather was so bad in Zermatt/Cervinia that the conjoining lifts were shut so they couldn’t ski back over. By Saturday they had had enough and tried to walk over the border since the lift was shut but they were told the weather was too dangerous so they headed back down. It was a quick decision of either booking a hotel for the night, sleeping rough…or me driving the 8 hour round trip to pick them up. We decided on the latter figuring even though the most effort, it was in fact the cheapest. The worst part is it is such a short journey, as the crow flies maybe 20 miles but as the car drives it is 141 miles and because it is all up mountain passes the journey takes a lot longer than a regular drive along the motorway. A four hour lonely drive later driving across borders and I finally reached them.


It was nearly 10pm by the time we had got home and I was definitely exhausted. Most partners ask for lifts home, usually from work or such but mine sure went one further and asked for a lift home from Italy to Switzerland! haha. It is not something I will let him forget in the future when I need a favour. Sunday was spent feeling exhausted watching TV all day. He did buy me a thank you present in the best form…chocolate! And cooked a delicious homemade Stew!


We decided to join pretty much the only gym in Zermatt too which is limited but pretty good!


Pretty much all week was spent working and going to the gym so really nothing exciting but on Saturday we went up riding!


And on Sunday spent most the afternoon in the gym.


It is Kris’s 25th Birthday this week so his parents arrive tomorrow evening to celebrate. Hopefully there will be lots of fun and photos to be had over the next few days and I have not taken too many recently due to working so much.


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