The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 17

Once again left it more than a week, my bad. Another big post to catch up on 🙂

On January 25th Kris’s parents came out to visit us but because they were not due until the evening we spent the day riding over to Cervinia on a super sunny day.


On the 26th we took Kris’s parents for a trip up the lifts to see Rothorn and Gornergrat, we wanted to go up to the Matterhorn glacier but due to high winds it was closed and scheduled to stay closed for a few days so we went to the next best place.


We realised pretty quick that if you don’t ski in Zermatt there isn’t a whole lot to do so on Day 2 of their visit we went for a hike up the mountain to Zumzee.


On the 28th it was Kris’s 25th Birthday and he just fancied a chilled out day so we met his parents for a lunch coffee and to open presents and then had a wonder around town before heading out for Dinner at an incredible place called The Yacht Club.


For starters we had Sweet Potato soup which was incredible.


And for main I had the Salmon with Rice and a warm salad. I’ve only eaten Salmon once in 2 months and this was just amazing!


On Sunday it was time for Kris’s parents to go home so they came to our apartment for a Sunday Roast Dinner before we dropped them off at the train station. Mom sent me pictures of how my plants were doing without me, luckily she has kept them very much alive.


On the 30th I returned back to work and then headed to the gym.


On Feb 1st I decided I need to get our summer holiday booked as we had missed out on a proper week in the sun for the past 2 years and I am desperate for some sun on my bones and a week of relaxing. I have booked us into the Hotel Hesperia in Lanzarote which looks beautiful and we got a great deal because Thomson’s was doing an offer for £100 off the holiday. We headed back to the gym in the evening for another work out.


The next few days were spent just working and chilling, on Saturday 4th we had planned to go riding but the weather was crappy so we took a long visit to the gym instead.

I still wish I had brought my straighteners with me, ergh! Rookie error.


Got a new PB at the gym, 43KG squat with no help!


And an 80KG Deadlift which isn’t my best, I think I reached about 85ish before?


Followed by a 5KM run! I hate running on a treadmill but the paths here are obviously too icey or snowy so I’ve been attempting the treadmill, the only way I seem to be able to do it is by listening to Harry Potter on Audible.


On Sunday 5th we went up riding even though the weather was super crappy, it was snowing and visibility was low along with super strong winds but it was a POW day so still quite fun!


On Monday Kris went riding whilst I worked all day and at lunch I tried to cook Fried eggs in the pan but it was bent so it ended up like this haha!



On Wednesday we headed to the gym after an amazing dinner of homemade Stew! YUM!


On Friday I finally went to the Dentist after 3 weeks of Wisdom tooth pain, I thought it was just growing pains but they were pretty intense and on Thursday I had noticed an infected so I was hoping for just some Antibiotics but the Dentist insisted the only way to fix my problem would be to have the wisdom tooth out as the infection and pain would just reoccur. This is exactly the opposite of what you want to hear when your not in your home country and live in a super expensive village. I had to sort out insurance before committing so had to book an appointment for Monday instead which meant I just spent the next 3 days being terrified and still in pain.

It was also my Uncle’s birthday and after trying to get fitter over the last 6 months by going jogging I thought I would book him on a 5KM run as some extra motivation. I love going to these events as they give you such a sense of achievement as you pass the finish line and receive a medal. I totally wish all my runs were like that haha.

On Saturday 11th Feb Kris was meant to work at lunch time so we headed up early for a quick ride but then he got some good/bad news that his lesson was ‘cancelled’ so we got to spend the day together instead and decided to go to Cervinia Italy for a cheap ass pizza. To put this is perspective…the cheapest pizza you can buy at any restaurant in Zermatt is 20CHF for a Plain cheese and tomato, the pizza we had in Cervinia which is in Italy (you ski over the border) was 6.50 Euros. Yes that is a massive difference! The 3 of us ate a pizza each and had drinks for the price of ONE bloody pizza in Zermatt. I enjoyed every last bite of that Pizza and will 100% be returning as often as possible for this delight.


A view of the Matterhorn.




We rode a total of around 24 miles that day and spent from 10am until 5pm Riding which is the longest day for me so far haha. I’m usually a 2 hour wonder on the mountain but I ride without breaks.

Monday Sucked. I had my Wisdom tooth out and it was horrific. Being in a Dentist where everyone speaks a different language and your getting injections and then tools in your mouth pulling a stuck tooth out is just plain scary. I think I am scarred for life, don’t get me wrong, it didn’t hurt one bit but you feel all the pressure and can hear all the noises and someone yanking at your mouth is just plain horrible. TMI moment, but the hole was too big so he couldn’t stitch it closed so he put gauze covered in Iodine in the hole and it taste disgusting and 24 hours later it still does! ERGH! I have to return to the dentist tomorrow and again in a week for who knows what, a check up probably but I don’t understand what they are going to do with the gauze they stuffed up there, surely that’s going to hurt when they inevitably are going to take it out.


My mom sent me pictures of my cat to cheer me up which did but I definitely just want to be cuddled up on a sofa which the little bugger!




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