The Weekly Natter

The Weekly Natter – Issue 18

I nearly made it a whole month! Maybe this should be called the monthly natter rather than weekly. Not a whole lot has happened this month except for the last week and not many pictures either so ill just brush over a few unexciting weeks.

I did find this quote though that is really uplifting when your having a tough time!


Kris got a new editing app on his phone and brightened up a previously darkish picture from the start of the season.


On feb 25th I went riding up Gornergrat whilst Kris worked and the weather was just beautiful!


On the 26th I rode over to Cervinia and Kris met up with me after lunch so we could go and get our usual cheap pizza! The slopes were super empty in the morning and the weather was beaut again!


Nothing better than a cuppa and a movie after a long day.


Gloomy morning weather on the 2nd March!


And finally the day I had waited 3 months for! My parents arrived for a weekend visit! They decided to drive down so that they could bring us a ton of food and some other stuff that we had ordered! So I went and checked into their hotel early for them as they were not arriving untill around 10pm.


On Saturday the weather was just purely terrible, the worst weather here since arriving. The winds were knocking you off your feet in town and the snow was coming down hard. We popped into Zermatt to have a look around and a coffee and luckily the weather calmed down a bit after 2pm so that we could carry on our day without wanting to cry every time we stepped outside.


Sunday’s weather was much better and we took Mom and Dad up Gornergrat to go Skiing.


The weather on Monday took another crappy turn but we still headed up for a couple hours.


On the evening which was their last one before heading home we decided on going to a Pizza restaurant for dinner!


And then dug the car out the car park so they could make an easy exit in the morning as the snow was coming down hard.


So before we knew it the weekend visit was over and they had to head home. SAD FACE major.

Here’s a few of my random snapchats to end this on šŸ™‚




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