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The Weekly Natter – Issue 19

On Saturday 11th March we went up riding in a place called Rothorn, it was super sunny and we spent a few hours riding around.


Afterwards, we decided to make our own pizza as to go out for a pizza here is 20 Francs just for a plan cheese pizza!


On Sunday Kris had work and since it was going to be my last day as a 24 year old I decided to go spend some time up Gornergrat snowboarding. It was a beautiful day and I spent a long time just sitting enjoying the views.


On Sunday night Kris started setting me up for my birthday present. I hadn’t asked for anything, normally we plan each others present and buy them exactly what they ask for but I couldn’t think of a thing and Kris said he had a good idea so I left him to it. On Sunday evening he mentioned that my present hadn’t come in the post but it should hopefully come on Monday so after riding for the day I should be able to get it. I didn’t question it too much and so on Monday morning knew I wouldn’t be getting anything so didn’t question anything.

On Monday morning I called my parents early and opened my other cards and presents. Kris urged me to get the 8:15 am train which I thought was slightly odd as we don’t normally go so early but I didn’t question it. We got the train and he said hang on we need to go this way, which was the opposite way to the lifts. I had no idea why but the shop was that way so I thought maybe we were just going to grab a croissant or something. We passed the shop and I thought maybe he lied about the present not being delivered and has left it in a locker at the gym we go too. Nope we passed that as well. I was completely confused at this point as we were heading out of town and there was nothing down that end. Two minutes later we arrived at what I finally realised was my birthday present! A trip in a helicopter! It drops you right at the top of the mountain ready to go riding for the day. I was beyond surprised and extremely grateful for this opportunity.


I videoed my whole trip on my GoPro, check it out here. It super long as I didn’t want to cut out a single second of this amazing experience.


After getting dropped off at the top, I met back up with Kristian and our friend and we went off riding into Cervinia and then headed off to go and get our favourite pizza!



My 25th Birthday is definitely one I won’t forget thanks to this amazing person!

On Tuesday I did something different and I rented some SKIS! I haven’t skied on a mountain yet and the last time I even put skis on was around 4 years ago in an indoor slope where we live. Skiing is bloody hard! HAHA! We stopped for a hot chocolate at the igloo and sat in the scorching sun. It was such a beautiful hot day. We skied all the way down and I fell and twisted my knee oops! Even a week later its bugging me but hopefully it will heal up soon. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this day as we only took videos but I cannot upload them here.


The next day (Wednesday) I took a rest day to relax after a busy few days and rest my knee up.

On Thursday we decided to take a trip to Verbier which is another ski resort in Switzerland. Kris needed to get new liners for his ski boots and that was the closest place to us that does the specific kind he needed. It ended up being such a beautiful sunny day and we both really enjoyed our trip out!

I of course had to check out the local bakery.


We then decided to treat ourselves to lunch. We barely eat out in Switzerland because it is just so expensive but we decided to treat ourselves and order exactly what we wanted to eat, even an amazing desert.


On Friday we carried on taking full advantage of my week off work and we went for a walk from Tasch to Zermatt which is a 6KM walk. I’d been wanting to do this hike since we first arrived but hadn’t gotten round to it. All my pictures are on my camera rather than my phone so they may get uploaded on a later date!



I received some birthday money so decided to spend it solely on some treats and a bag I had been looking at all season.


On Saturday we tried to go riding but the weather and snow were awful so we knocked it on the head after one long run and went to the gym instead.


On Sunday we went for a walk looking at some boulders that hopefully we can climb when the weather warms up and the snow melts. The snow was alot deeper than we originally thought as we got soaked as we walked around!


And Kris even did the washing up!


On Monday I was back at work, booooooo. We spent the evening at the gym like normal.


Monday nights dinner was top notch! Chicken teriyaki with Stir fry broccoli, carrots and peppers with rice.


Back in work this week got me feeling like…






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