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Run Disneyland Paris planning

Last September Kris and I went to Disneyland Paris to take part in their first ever RunDisney event and I loved it so much that before the weekend was even over I knew that we would be back to do many more! Being as this year is the 25th anniversary for Disneyland Paris and we both turned 25 too, I have a massive want to return to do the races this year as it will be an event to remember.


I planned our trip last year down to the last detail to save as much money as possible but this year I plan on saving even more as we want to do all 3 runs as opposed to the one we did last year and the prices for these runs has already increased.

This year there is the opportunity to run a 5KM on Friday night, a 10KM on Saturday morning and a half marathon on Sunday morning. The bib only sales have not been released yet but fingers crossed it happens soon as I had already purchased bibs over 6 weeks ago this time last year.

Following are all my tips for the best (and cheapest) RunDisney experience!

1 – Research! To get the most out of any Disney trip is to put in a lot of research. I look into hotel prices for all different dates, holiday packages with every company I can find, restaurant menus, park ticket prices and travel costs.

2 – Hotels! Look at which hotel will be right for you, if you are on a constant budget like I am then look at partnered hotels such as The Kyriad or The B&B hotel. Located 10 minutes away and they have free shuttle busses so they are super convenient. I book through sites such as travelrepublic.co.uk and trivago.co.uk.


3 – How to get there! This mainly consists of where you live as to the cheapest option. You can fly if you find cheap enough flights but I have found the prices are quite high for the time of year we want to travel. If you live near London then I would most likely recommend the Eurostar. I live in the midlands so this has never been a convenient option for me so I have never used the Eurostar but most people from the south use this option and find it the best. This year we are going to try driving! The flights are expensive for the time of year we want to go so because there are two of us going then driving seems to be around £100 cheaper. I have worked out it will take two loads of petrol roughly at £40-50 euros a time, tolls are around 40Euros and the EuroTunnel is roughly £100 return. This means we can drive right to the hotel where there is free parking rather than pay for a transfer or train ticket from the airport into Disney which for such a short journey can be a little costly.


4 – Park Tickets! If you book a hotel that doesn’t include park tickets then I highly recommend using https://www.attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk I have used this site on 3 occasions for tickets to different places and all tickets have arrived quickly and worked perfectly. Depending on the time of year they tend to have deals such as 3 days for the price of 2 so if you are in no rush to purchase then I recommend waiting to see if these offers pop up before you travel. If you travel to Disney alot then I would more so recommend getting an annual pass, the prices for these has just rose and the offers have changed so it’s worth doing a lot of research before you purchase to see which is the best one for you.


5 – Join Facebook groups! Since joining Facebook groups I have found out even more information that will help to save money and make the most of a Disney experience. You can also find groups that sell merchandise from the races and costumes for the races so if you are into that then you may find a better deal than online. The current groups I am using to find out more information on Rundisney and Disneyland Paris in general are ‘Disneyland Paris Group For Brits Est2015, Disneyland Paris Foodies and Run Disneyland Paris Fans!


6 – Saving money means more food/merchandise! If your like me then I like to save money on things like hotels and travel so that I can spend more on good food and treating myself to merchandise. Even though I am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to spending money, I still love to treat myself so always feel better for it if I know I have saved the most amount of money elsewhere so that I can treat myself without feeling so guilty.



I have so many other tips and tricks but I am sure that more blog posts will come out with all new advice. If you have any questions then I am fully willing to help out!




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