Summer Holiday Wish List

After THREE years of waiting, I finally have a summer holiday booked and I go in just over 2 weeks! I Booked it in January and have been very impatiently waiting for this trip. I have been away in the last three years but they have been theme park or city breaks, and I am DESPERATE for sand in my toes, a cocktail in my hand and sun beating down and burning my ghostly white skin.

I have been having a little search on the internet for things to purchase before going away to treat myself even more, because, well, why not! I don’t need too much as although I live in England where summer doesn’t exist and have not been on a sunny holiday for a long time, I still have been purchasing summer dresses and flip flops!

Check out what I hope to buy on pay day!


The Bikini – Find it here                                                                                                                The Flip Flops – Find them here                                                                                                  The Hat – Find it here                                                                                                                    The Dress – Find it here


I am also after this perfume after hearing it smells just like Florida which is my dream place! I don’t know how true this is but I can’t wait to go and try it!

Check it out here


This is the Hotel we are off to and I just cannot wait!






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