Disney tips

How to save for a Disney Holiday!

I’m not going to lie, a trip to Disney is EXPENSIVE. You might think it is totally out of reach or just not feasible, but not only is it cheaper than you think, it is also super easy to save for it!


I’ve been addicted to Disney my whole life so for me it is easy to put pennies aside and spend them on my all time dream holiday but I know that is not the case for everyone. I have tons of tips and tricks to make a Dream Disney Holiday affordable.


First of all get a budget in mind! Do you want it as cheap as possible or can you afford to splurge? Research is key at this point, if you want to go as cheap as possible then try and do everything yourself and book it all separately as it makes it cheaper (90% of the time at least). Check out flights, hotels/villas, park tickets and car hire all separately. Try not to go through official sites such as ‘Disney world holidays’ and even ‘Thomson’s’ as they can be costly, Check out budget sites like Travel Republic and attraction tickets direct. However, If you can afford to splurge then go for it, book it through travel agents websites and just enjoy the easy booking process and close your eyes when the price appears. Once you have your budget in mind no matter how big or small then it is time to save!


1- Bills – Try cutting down on all your bills! Change service providers on your phone, get a better quote for your car insurance or house insurance, call up all the companies you use and see what new offers are out there! This can save you so much money (providing you haven’t already done this recently) and then put all your savings in your Disney pot. For example, if you phone bill originally cost £30 a month and you reduced it to £20 a month then put that £10 a month in your Disney pot.


2 – Lunches – If you are the kind of person who buys their lunch from the local shop every single day…STOP IT! Buy a loaf of bread and a pack of ham and take a sandwich to work with you every day, boring? yes, but y’know…DISNEY. Calculate what you use to spend on lunch in a week and what you do now and save that amount in your Disney pot.


3 – Discounts – Do not go anywhere, buy anything, eat anywhere without looking for discount codes first. Generally you WILL get a discount if you just look around first, before you make that online purchase look for a discount code, they are easy to find and work most of the time. Don’t go out for a day trip to the local zoo or theme park etc without booking online first or finding a discount voucher online or on the side of your frosties box. The same goes with eating out, if you look on voucher cloud or groupon or even just the restaurants website you will find a good deal. Sometimes you may need to rearrange your plans to work with the deal, for say there may be a lunch offer but no dinner offer so go for lunch instead! Every time you get a discount, find out the difference and put that money in your Disney Pot.


4 – Stop shopping – Now this one is easier said than done but just stop going to the shops. If your the kind of person who goes to the shopping centre because you are bored and end up spending £100 on new clothes you don’t need then simply STOP. Check out a local attraction instead where you know the price before your day out and take a lunch with you, you can easily have a fun day out for £30 and no need to blow unnecessary money (also makes better memories than shopping). Maybe treat your Disney pot with £10/£20 every time you avoid going shopping and watch your pot grow!


5 – Sell things – I have found that selling things on Ebay/Etsy or on a car boot isn’t a massive money earner unless you really put a lot of time into it. Have a sort out of your old clutter and get it on Ebay or go do a car boot, put ALL profits into your Disney pot, no excuses! If you are crafty then get yourself on Etsy (this requires being self employed so be smart and sensible here) I sell such things as pencil cases, lanyards, hair bows and wall decor. It is very hit and miss on Etsy, I go through patches of great success and patches of utter failure. Once again put ALL profits into your Disney pot.


I hope this helps in your Disney quest! I’m quite out of ideas for myself to save money so if you have anymore tips then let me know!



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